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What do we do ?

We help clients to solve their business needs and discover new opportunities by helping them to devise a digital ecosystem through world class high quality bespoke software solutions.

We take on and rescue complex software projects, which have stagnated and fallen well behind on delivery. Sparing clients the all important resources required to gain control of freedom to focus on their core business capabilities again.

Why us ?

In an evolving industry with so many look a likes, we have managed to set ourselves apart through creativity, innovation and diversity of thought. We welcome new ideas and help clients to deliver services with a difference. We roll up our sleeves and attack problems with all the passion, resources and innovation the situation demands.

Our values ?

A positive, personal and professional integrity is paramount to us. We trust and respect clients and colleagues and actively defend our principles. Have passion for excellence in all that we do and strive to be the best in whatever we do.

What have we done ?

We have implemented open standard, future-proof, scalable projects for enterprise needs. Successfully delivered digital transformation projects across myriad of platforms from Microsoft .Net to IBM Websphere. Created complex cloud based solutions, helping clients with project management, enterprise application integration, configuration management, business reporting, forecasting and analytics.

Experienced in design, analysis and implementation skills on Java EE, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and IBM toolsets. Defining, articulating, and demonstrating the value of platform and components.

Worked with external clients and partners in addition to the primary responsibility of providing technical leadership and mentoring.

Helped world largest bluechip companies to deliver high profile projects excess of millions across multitude of industries.

We understand that all clients expect work of the highest quality, delivered on time, on budget with no surprises. Our team always endeavors to deliver and meet our clients goals. And, most of all we enjoy what we do; we have fun doing it!

Our Mission ?

Is very clear and can be summarised in three small statements: To learn and grow together whilst sharing knowledge and ideas; Collaborating with clients to address any challenges that may arise; Maximising individual potential and increasing clients commercial effectiveness.

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By partnering with us you will reduce costs, increase flexibility, enhance your expertise and boost discipline to deliver.

Lets us innovate, develop, integrate and deliver

We Are Ready To Do Awesomeness

We are experts in developing custom and bespoke software solutions.
Project management

We provide highly experienced project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage and support critical development initiatives.

Website development

Website development requires specialised skills across myriad of technologies. We have extensive experience in designing and developing complex responsive websites utilising various frameworks and technologies.

IoT SaaS based solutions

Providing custom SaaS (Software as a Service) for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, utilising distributed, reliable, scalable and robust cloud computing solutions for various industry verticals.

Big Data Analytics and Reporting

We understand the need for various industries to utilise big data in a way which will enhance their business. We mine big data and build visually interactive dashboards allowing organisation to access to the right information at the right time.

Enterprise Application Integration

Our experience team of consultants can develop custom bespoke solutions to integrate disseprate systems using industry standard protocols and procedures.

Config management

Specialists in developing complex hosted solutions which will allow your organisation to manage and configure any assets from any place, thereby reducing asset down time and improving process efficiency.

Why not contact us and make use of our expert and agile talent pool to aid your business in solving any technology issues that you may be experiencing?
Ability2Code can help you to achieve your

Digital Transformation Goals

We can help you to accelerate digital transformation through six critical services, project management, enterprise application integration, asset configuration management, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, advanced big data analytics and bespoke reporting applications.

Project management services will help you to transform your business to become leaner, agile and cost-effective through carefully planned digital strategies, utilising multi-disciplinary teams with the right mix of business and technical skills.

Enterprise application integration and asset configuration management will help you to bring together diverse systems and processes whilst promoting automation and security. Resulting in a growing mass of customer and field device big data, which can then be mined and ingested using advanced intelligent analytics and reported via custom realtime web-based visualisation tools.

Giving you the ability to leverage data, scale and speed to quickly meet your business needs, reduce operating costs and most importantly discover new lucrative opportunities.

Minimize The Way To Awesome

Lean Agile Development Approach

At the conception of any new custom project we try to gather as much information as we can to describe the clients problem. Upfront analysis of clients context and needs allow us to discover as much as we can before the development starts. But we recognise that we will never know exactly what the client really wants until we quickly define, visualise, engage, prioritise, build and deliver a minimal consumable, viable and tangible solution.

We use an iterative agile methodology, that allow us to deliver a small working solution, which is immediately tested by the end user, providing us that all important crucial feedback. Through this transparent way of working our understanding of the real underlining needs and wants evolve, helping us to deliver a software solution which exactly meets the client expectations.

Agile approach mitigates the most common problem of a software deliverable, that is a solution which is riddled with complexities and features that no one uses or wants.

We believe clients deserve total transparency throughout the project engagement, which can easily be achieved by sharing progress and productivity through modern and innovative tools and techniques.

Our aims is always to be transparent and create awesome software solutions that will delight our clients.
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Medium to large companies in all verticals understand that managed localised partnership offers strategic and economic benefits that are too compelling to ignore!
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